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A better alternative to SharePoint Mapped Folders

February 27, 2013  0 Comments

After 2 years of using SharePoint Mapped Folders and Application Pages, I abandoned them in favor of more native modules and Site Pages. And for 1.5 years now I've been using this approach successfully and with huge profit!

Top5 SharePoint features to avoid

February 19, 2013  0 Comments

​SharePoint is vast and luxurious: it has so many features it is easy to completely loose yourself in them. But not all of its features well designed or well implemented. Herein I present my top 5 error-prone features of SharePoint.

Blog on SharePoint: RSS feed

October 30, 2012  0 Comments

​Unfortunately, SharePoint OOTB RSS feed for a document library doesn't look very tempting, and cannot be much customized. How to fix that? Once again, DataFormWebPart will help!

Public blog on SharePoint

October 24, 2012  0 Comments

Blog site template is notorious for it's inconveniences and not fitting the real public blogging needs. But it turns out, there are some other, easier ways to create your public blog with SharePoint.

Tabs for fields in SharePoint

October 22, 2012  0 Comments
If you have a SharePoint list with many fields (say, more than 10), you might want to tabify the forms.​ There is a number of well-known ways to do that, but I think I invented one more :)
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