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All my projects are licensed under MS-PL, which means that you can do anything with the code, including it's usage in commercial purposes.

Please, don't hesitate to ask any questions on CodePlex (Discussions tab).

TypeScript Definitions for SharePoint 2013

High-quality (documented and strongly typed) TypeScript declarations for SharePoint 2013 JavaScript Object Model (CSOM).

The coverage is very decent already - the definitions file is almost 7000 lines big! All core classes of SharePoint JavaScript Object Model are covered, and also Client Side Rendering API, Workflows, Business Connectivity Services, Taxonomy, Search, Social library, User Profiles, some of UI elements (like ModalDialogs and callouts), and many many more.

Additionally, project includes many examples and some extensions.

JavaScript CAML Builder (aka CamlJs)

If you use JavaScript Client OM, you are aware of inconveniences when creating CAML queries. It's not an easy task to manage all these strings with cumbersome XML inside. This project helps developers to create CAML queries from JS, even if they have a vague notion of the subject.

SharePoint 2010 Fluent Ribbon API

This project has 5 releases already, more than 3000 downloads and big amount of positive feedback from people all around the world. We use it at work and our enterprise product has more than 500 customers, so it is quite stable for production.

Basically, what SharePoint Fluent Ribbon API does is it embraces SharePoint Ribbon customization capabilities and hides related inconveniences from developers.

Ribbon definitions are created in C#, so we gain C# intellisense and flexibility, instead of typo-prone XML definitions. Many Ribbon controls are supported, and also Fluent Ribbon provides easy way of creating contextual tabs and permanent tabs for your page or even for whole site (via Delegate control).

Also, Fluent Ribbon API is well-documented (both intellisense and online documentation), and Discussion tab is filled with different discussions, so do not hesitate to join in :)

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