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Based on my rather decent experience as an expert on SharePoint StackExchange, I've been noticing, that users' rating of answers is not always accurate. Some very good, article-like answers, earn just a few upvotes, meanwhile rather obvious and link-like answers occasionally hit the jackpot in terms of their rating...

That depends of many things, but the fact remains, and thus often it is hard to find good questions and answers.

Therefore, here I'm trying to collect the most informative and edicative threads from SharePoint StackExchange (not only mine), related to areas which I know best.

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Hide a ribbon button from Workflow dropdown

OOTB SharePoint ribbon tabs contain lots of elements. As to make interface simplier for users, you might want to hide some irrelevant elements. Usually it is easy to do that, but occasionally, due to internal ribbon architecture, it can become tricky.

Buttons not appearing in Ribbon custom groups

Some gotchas related to creating and using Ribbon control groups.​ Asked by SharePoint MVP, answered by SharePoint MVP.

Selected value in ribbon DropDown/ComboBox is not displayed

Answer explains, how to deal with ribbon DropDown and Combobox controls.

Attach a Javascript function to an OOTB ribbon button

Frequent scenario: you want to perform additional actions when some standard ribbon button is pressed. How to achieve that? Not an easy task!

Custom Delete Page Button

Imagine situation: there is an OOTB button on the ribbon, and you want to create another link somewhere on the page, which performs exactly the same action. It's possible, sure, but not as simple as you thought.


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