Hi, I'm Andrei

I'm a developer with over 15 years of professional experience, specializing in web development.

I've been coding since my teens, >25 years now, and generally code a lot in my spare time, creating opensource projects and working on other side projects in areas such as AI, compilers and IDEs, IoT and wearables, gamedev, educational programs for kids, etc.

I have a wonderful family and love playing with kids, and also have different hobbies, including chess, ancient history, linguistics, biology, writing, sports, etc.

Opensource Projects

Google Chrome browser extension that adds a tab to Developer Tools, where you can create SharePoint Client Side Rendering customizations and they will be applied as-you-type to the underlying page.


Observations about how technical needs of a startup change over time and how to approach the choice of the frontend/backend framework in such circumstances.
How to handle errors centrally in Vue.js application, how to handle async methods, and how to highlight the component that triggered the error.
Being able to run unmodified SharePoint JSOM in an Azure Function opens doors for simple code migration and sharing between client and cloud.
Interactive article explaining how you can integrate a custom application with Skype for Business Online via the UCWA API